Windshield Replacement Montréal


The windshield is an essential element for your safety, do not trust a component as important to anyone. Only professionals applying the latest technology will install perfectly. We offer professional installation of auto glass premium exclusively from certified manufacturers (OEM) meets the standards approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) With modern methods of replacement, we offer a lifetime warranty the tightness of your auto glass, our certified auto glass are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect, the more you get auto glass repairs free for life on all auto glass replacement done here (upon presentation of the original invoice)

Our installation is guaranteed for life against water infiltration, and you will not have to pay for future repairs we will repair free of charge to our branch and without appointment.

All windows and windshield glass installation are exclusively from premium certified manufacturers (OEM) and meet the standards approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Auto Glass professional replacement in Montréal

réparation pare-brise pour auto et camion

We replace your windshield 1:30 minute or less.

Pare-Brise pour toutes les marques